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To get the desired effect, just take one tablet and drink it with a little water. Tablets dissolve very quickly in the stomach due to the fact that their shell quickly dissolves and the contents of the tablet enter directly into the stomach. If you want to see how the medicine looked in those days, you should visit the official website of the manufacturer of Levitra and Cialis.

A revolutionary discovery in the world of pharmacology occurred in the spring of 1998. An American agency that monitors the quality of food and medicine issued a permit to sell the world’s first drug that can restore sexual activity in men at different ages – this is Viagra. However, it was impossible to buy Cialis over the counter from the manufacturer in those days. Therefore, men used folk remedies to solve existing problems with a weak libido. That’s just the effectiveness of most of them was very low.

After the appearance of Viagra, the situation has changed dramatically. Men all over the world have the opportunity to enjoy sexual intimacy, regardless of their age. Cialis original manufacturer is a company Eli Lilly. However, the Tadalafil substance was discovered by specialists of another company – in a laboratory owned by Glaxo Wellcome (Britain) in cooperation with ICOS (USA). However, scientists did not attach much importance to their discovery. This is due to the fact that specialists worked on the discovery of drugs intended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

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Only a year after testing the drug, scientists drew attention to its “action”. Almost all volunteers who participated in the trials of the new drug noted the appearance of persistent and prolonged erections. In this regard, a patent was issued for the open component of the company, but further developments were frozen Alternative to viagra and cialis usa. Subsequently, the cooperation between ICOS and Glaxo was terminated, pharmacists from Oikos decided to offer cooperation to Eli Lilly. The result of the merger was the emergence of Cialis

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